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Coutts Consultancy & sales Ltd

Our Consultancy Service

When you’re in need of someone to take care of your complex specialised work you can trust our company to see it through from start to finish, we will manage your projects professionally and with our expertise and trusted network of businesses, will we make it a success.

Our recent and most prestigious project so far has been successfully removing the largest Banksy artwork, from a house in Lowestoft, ensuring the valuable artwork remained intact. We designed the support it needed, including the steel structure it was encased in and ensured from the very beginning everything was dealt with professionally.

Coutts Consultancy & sales Ltd

Consultancy & Project Management

Over the years we have gained a portfolio of key contacts, which we use, across haulage, lifting, building work, machinery, engineering and further, which enables us to offer:

  • Consultancy for your scrap metal recycling, ensuring growth and efficiencies within your day-to-day processing, maximising the amount of profit for your business.
  • Project management when you need someone who is experienced, dedicated and can be trusted with the most complex of work, from start to finish.
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